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Are you sick and tired of struggling with your weight and seeing little or no results for your efforts? Have you tried other programs that haven’t worked very well for you? If so, please read on.

Reasons why the DSL Diet Program is DIFFERENT:

  • Really works – money back guarantee (see below)
  • Works fast – 5-15 kgs in 23-40 days
  • Easy to do – simple instructions that anyone can follow
  • High success rate
  • Requires no exercise regime to work
  • Reduces or eliminates hunger and food cravings
  • Causes the body to use its surplus fat for fuel (energy)
  • Keeps you motivated by seeing the fast weight loss
  • Takes the hard work out of losing weight
  • Helps you lose fat from the right places
  • Includes a maintenance program designed to keep the weight off
  • Based on solid research by Dr. Simeons – tried & tested for 50 years
  • Provides personal support – just email or phone us if you need help
  • Inexpensive – one payment – no extras – excellent value for money!

Want some proof? Then please take a few minutes to hear and see what some of our customers say:


Sue’s Weight Loss Testimonial:

Below: Sue before and after she lost weight- looking 10 years younger – not bad for a 57 year old, hey?

This is one of the most effective weight loss programs available today. Not only can you rapidly and easily lose fat but you can keep it off too!

The DSL Fat Loss Program is based on UK’s Dr. Simeon’s 30 years research program published in his famous Pounds and Inches book but uses a proprietary hormone-free Dietary Supplement Liquid (DSL) drops) instead of the HCG injections that Dr. Simeons used. DSL Drops contain a proprietary amino acid complex (that is derived from the HCG molecule) plus 13 herbal ingredients that are designed to reduce hunger, balance hormones, increase energy and assist weight loss. It should be understood DSL Drops do NOT make you lose weight; they only help you do so by making it easy to live on the special low calorie diet during the weight-loss phase of the program (23-40 days). This results in the safe and rapid loss of what Dr. Simeons called abnormal body fat from belly, waist, thighs, hips, buttocks, etc. not loss of muscle and normal fat as most programs do. By the way, the body uses this surplus fat as its energy source throughout the fat-loss period (Phase 2 of the 4 Phase DSL Program) so you don’t get hungry or feel weak. Phases 3 & 4 are designed to stabilize and maintain your new body weight so you are much less likely to put on weight again.

The DSL Drops are manufactured by Doctor Select Labs, an FDA certified facility in the US. Unified Health Alliance is Doctor Select Labs distributors of DSL Drops in Australia & NZ.


In this 4 minute video Len talks about his progress with the DSL Program. Len has lost 27 Kgs (60 lbs) in just four months (this includes 6 weeks stabilization & maintenance designed to stop you putting on the weight again). If you’d like to see Len before he started click HERE.

Click HERE to learn more about the DSL Program, and what you get for your money!

Satisfaction guaranteed or DOUBLE YOUR FAT BACK!