About Fast Weight Loss Australia

DSL – The Weight Loss Program That WORKS!

About Unified Health Alliance (UHA)

UNIFIED HEALTH ALLIANCE (UHA for short) is the business name for the WHF-UHA Trust which in turn is managed by WHF-GTC Pty Ltd (a proprietary limited company) owned and operated by the founder of World Harmony Foundation, Trevor Osborne, and his partner Annette Pignalosa (see below).

The Fast Weight Loss Australia is UHA’s website which has been set up to be of service to the community and also help fund World Harmony Foundation, i.e. profits generated by UHA are to be transferred to World Harmony Foundation at least once a year.

About World Harmony Foundation (WHF)

World Harmony Foundation is a humanitarian and environmentally oriented organisation whose constitution has a number of objectives. One of these is to initiate a new approach to health. To this end a Charter has been drawn up as a guideline that is available upon request  (the DSL fat Loss Program is in alignment with this Charter). For more information visit: www.world-harmony.com.

About Doctor Select Labs

Doctor Select Labs originated from a medical group in the US that specialized in weight loss and hormonal balance for men and women. With their thirty years experience in successfully treating thousands of patients they have created a unique DSL weight loss assistant formulation. The result is a product that is cost-effective, easy to use and has a high success rate. Doctor Select Labs have three clinics of their own that have had tens of thousands of successful outcomes.

In earlier days Doctor Select Labs found they were only getting 30-50% success rate with straight HCG drops (now prohibited by the FDA). So they did their research and developed a formulation (derived from HCG) that almost doubled the success rate (they no longer offer HCG drops). This hormone-free product is now known simply as DSL Drops. This formulation assists weight loss by helping to control appetite, support metabolism, help to balance hormones and increase energy.

Doctor Select Labs manufacture their DSL weight loss formula in an FDA approved facility in the United States. This ensures highest quality control; ingredients are all natural and are manufactured to the highest standards. They also are packaged and hygienically sealed before leaving the premises.

About the Founders





Trevor & Annette (2006)

Trevor Osborne (also seen at the top of our Home Page) was born in London, UK 1936. Annette Pignalosa was born in Hobart Tasmania. They live and operate UHA and WHF from Perth, Western Australia.

Some History

In October, 2010 Annette who had stacked on quite a few kilos (especially around her hips and buttocks) decided to try out a radical new weight loss program called the HCG Diet that she discovered after watching a DVD that she purchase from the Nexus Conference in Queensland. The video was about a modified application of a successful research program conducted in the 1950’s by a Dr. Simeons. This new program differed from most modern diets in many ways, For example, it claimed to be a very effective means of permanently losing weight quite rapidly without the need for the usual exercise regimes. In his original program Dr Simeons gave his overweight patients a daily injection of the human hormone known as HCG. On the other hand this new version used homeopathic (very dilute) HCG drops taken under the tongue. Annette tried the program and found it worked just as Dr. Simeons had described in his book Pounds & Inches and achieved her goal to lose 7 kgs (15lbs) in just 23 days and has successfully maintained that weight to this day. In the process Annette lost 10cms (4 inches) from her hips and waist and only 1cm from her bust. Previously the losses were the other way around.

Then, in February 2011 Trevor decided to do the program himself and achieved his goal of losing 10 kgs (see photos on our home page) which he did in just 36 days and like Annette has kept the weight off to this day.

As one would expect both Trevor and Annette received complementary comments and were often asked details of the program and whether they could they get the drops for them. Trevor had studied nutrition for many years so was well equipped to find the best drops on the market. He discovered Doctor Select Labs in Arizona that had formulation of homeopathic HCG drops with a difference, i.e. they also contained 13 herbal ingredients that helped reduce hunger, boost energy and balance the body’s hormones. According to a spokesman from the company this formulation boosted the success rate from 30-50% to 80-90% (failures were mainly through not following the program properly).

By mid May 2011 Trevor imported some of the product for friends and family; people who wanted to try the program themselves. But then an unexpected hurdle emerged, i.e. the customs seized one of shipments. It turned out that the regulatory authority (TGA) had ruled that anything that contained human hormones were classified as restricted substances and could only be administered by a medical doctor. So Doctor Select Labs went to work on resolving this problem. They discovered that the HCG molecule was made up of two main components, a hormone and a protein (amino acids). To their delight they discover that it was not the hormone but the amino acid fraction of HCG molecule that was the active ingredient in mobilizing fat loss. To make a long story short Doctor Select Labs now produces DSL Drops for Unified Health Alliance that contain this amino acid portion with no human hormone (HCG) plus it contained the 13 herbal ingredients they had in their original HCG formula that helped it work so well.

The effect of these new DSL Drops has been very similar to the old drops; in fact some users are reporting even better results than the old HCG drops!